Getting Into Nature

We just love being submerged in nature. We don’t care much for the cities, too crowded, too much traffic and crazy drivers, too much noise… doesn’t typically smell very good either.

We love that we live close enough to the cities that we can do our shopping and get things we really need as needed, but far enough out we have some privacy and enough space to create a sanctuary for ourselves.

Our girls catch butterflies and moths. We can visit the local wildlife refuge any time. Recently we’ve been watching the barn swallows at the refuge, and have gotten to see their babies peeking out of the nests.

Our most recent trip we got to watch some frogs avoid capture by the swallows. We saw a teeny-tiny frog not much bigger than the eraser on a pencil peeking out from behind a blade of grass. Then all of a sudden that itty-bitty frog gets knocked off his perch by a swallow, and he dangle for a moment by 1 leg, and he stays perfectly still in this position until he’s certain it’s safe to move to a new spot.

We get to watch the mama ducks raise their young, and same with the goats.

It’s fun to watch these animals go about their day. They don’t know what the future holds, can’t say that they really think about it too much. They just live for that moment. Sometimes it’s a fleeting moment, a close call, they could lose their in that moment. But once the moments passed, the adrenal has settled, they move on. They could literally lose their life at any given moment, but instead of hiding, they still go out to find food, find a mate, raise babies, clean themselves, do a little sunbathing… they take pleasure in simple things, they don’t let the scary stuff hold them back from living and thriving where they are.

I feel like YAH (the LORD) has been telling me more to observe these small animals and how they live. They don’t fret and worry from day to day, they just go about their life and live it.

HE knows we need food and clothes, He knows what the future holds (good and evil), we know nothing really. So we put our trust in him, every day, we live for this moment, and enjoy wherever we are at today.

it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that goes wrong during a day. But if that’s ALL we focus on, how will that grant us peace and help us do better? Absolutely learn from what went wrong, but don’t keep living in that one bad moment. The moment is past, move on. We shod be dwelling on the good that happens each day, focusing on the progress we’ve made or special moments we had.

observe the animals, their life may have flashed before their eyes in a close encounter that could’ve ended their life, but then… they move on, almost as if it never happened. Something happens, be alert, deal with the situation, then drop it and move on. There’s no need to keep revisiting a moment that only causes stress and trauma.

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