February 14, 2014: Valentines Day

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February 14, 2014. Valentines Day.

My Special Friend, my Best Friend, Johnny, asked my permission if he could court me. He had asked my Dad early that week, and now sought my permission.

We had gone with my brother and sister-in-law to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland, OR for a nice dinner. After the meal (but before dessert), Johnny asked me if I’d take a short walk with him within view of the window we’d been sitting at during dinner. I consented, and we stepped outside.

We looked at the nights reflecting off the water, the trees with twinkle-lights on them, and the moist green grass. It was dark, but the lights and sounds were a lovely thing. He said I had not only been a good friend to him over the years, but had become his Best friend, and he would greatly honored if I would allow him to court me. He promised that he would be faithful and committed and his focus would be, when the time was right, to walk me down the aisle if I was willing.

He even had a Promise Ring all ready to show his commitment and how serious he was. It was a lovely ring, with a purple center stone and embraced with a heart. He had picked it out totally on his own, and I knew, when I saw it, that he had figured out my style.

We held hands for the first time that night, it was very special. I had been yearning to hold his hand for a long time. And when we finally were able to, I didn’t want to let go. Some people seem to take for granted holding hands, but for other people, like myself, holding hands is a very simple, elegant, magnetic, powerful means of bonding. its something very special. Holding hands means leading and being led, it means wanting to be near, and not desiring to be somewhere or with someone else.

1 year ago we began a journey, a season. and as we’re entering another, I feel overwhelmed with what we’ve been through, and how much there is yet to see and experience.

God is good. He has seen us through many things already. And he will continue to bless and guide as we keep him the focus and center of our lives.

Sometimes its hard keeping focus on God when you enter a relationship, its like having to reset your compass every so often. Remember to reset that compass though, its always better to be on course, than to go slightly off course and find yourself overwhelmed and lost wondering how you got somewhere you didn’t want to be.

Thank you, Johnny, for reminding me of these things. Thank you for keeping HIM the center, the focus. Life gets busy, and its easy to be lethargic in the things that really matter, like prayer and reading scripture. Thank you for helping to keep me on track with the important stuff when I need it the most.

Note: The above photos were taken for announcing our courtship 1 year ago. I will be posting Engagement photos when I have more done and have time to load them.

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