Lots of Life Changes

WOW! Its been a long time since I posted on here. So I’ll just give a quick summary of all thats been going on, and then give more detailed posts later with more photos 🙂

Johnny and I were engaged in February, and that came to fruition July 10th, 2015. It was a beautiful day! Lots of wonderful people came to share in our joy. We got married in my grandma’s backyard, and had the reception in her pole barn that my Dad and brothers had built. The guys also built all the tables and benches for the day! My mom MADE the bridesmaids dresses, mens bow-ties, and a special vest for my Special man. Everyone worked SO hard, and it all came out just lovely! Will post more info and photos later on, here’s a few of my favorite photos to tease ya’ll with:

For our Honeymoon, we got a small cabin to stay in right by Mt. Rainier National Park. It really is an incredible area, highly recommend everybody to check it out atleast once in your life!

Oh, and right before the wedding, the last of the goats on my families farm kidded, twin doelings again! Aren’t they darling?!

Shortly after getting back, my nephew Colin was born, isn’t he a doll!?
He smiles all the time nowadays! _MG_4532 2

Johnny’s family had tog o back to New Zealand, sad.

Johnny purchased me my second Doe goat, a Finished Champion name TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl. She is just stunning too, and gave me a doeling just a few days ago. here’s some pix of her when I first got her, and a couple of her darling doeling too:

Several of our goats did EXTREMELY well in the online goat show, Durango’s Little Red *P even got Grand, Best Doe and Best Udder in Show!

Johnny and I found out we are expecting a girl, we’ll be naming her Victoria Dawn Donaldson. We are SO excited to get to meet her! She kicks up a storm now, but is very quiet when visiting new people or driving.

And to sum up, we’ve been to the wildlife refuge several times, had my little siblings over most Fridays to hang out, been out to Multnomah Falls, the Gristmill and Moulton Falls.


And we’re now in New Zealand visiting Johnny’s family! Will give some updates later on what we’ve done and seen so far 😉


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